Charming Christmas
  • Status


  • Release date

    november 8, 2015

  • Genre

    romance, tv movie

  • Director

    Craig Pryce

  • Runtime

    1 hour 24 minutes

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Charming Christmas (2015)

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Meredith Rossman has made Rossman's Department store her entire life, not leaving any time for Christmas or romance. But when she is roped into donning the store's antique Mrs. Claus outfit to play Mrs. Claus at Rossman's famous Santaville, her life takes some unexpected turns. Through the help of the suit and the charming store Santa, Nick, Meredith rekindles her love of Christmas, the store, their employees and possibly even begins a new love with Nick.


David Sutcliffe
David Sutcliffe


Julie Benz
Julie Benz

Meredith Rossman

Ashley Leggat
Ashley Leggat

Jessie Derringer

Vanessa Matsui

Olivia Todd

Bruce Gray
Bruce Gray

Harold Rossman

Catherine McNally
Catherine McNally

Cheryl Rossman

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