Terms & Conditions

Emotional Rating is a platform (or the Service) for sharing of opinions, photos, videos and other types of content. We created this project to analyze emotions that you experience seeing movies. You can find any movie you like,  give a rate to it, and see emotional rating of this movie.

By signing up on the site and creating your account you accept all terms and conditions of this agreement including terms and conditions at the links of this document. If you do not agree to any term leave the site immediately.

We have the right to change terms of the agreement without notification on an ex parte basis. You can find updated version here https://emotionalrating.com/p/terms.

Non-validity or non-recognition of one or more clauses of the agreement does not invoke annulment of the rest clauses of the agreement.

Privacy Policy

To provide our Service we must collect and use personal data. In Privacy Policy we clarify how we collect, use and transfer information. There are also methods of personal data management described.

By using Emotional Rating you confirm that you accept Privacy Policy.

User responsibilities

  1. We want our Service to be open and available to all users and at the same time secure and conforming to Law. In order to be a part of Emotional Rating community you must comply with the following terms.
    1. You attain 13 years or other age required to access and use of social networking according to your local law.
    2. Your account was not disabled due to violating law or our terms.
    3. By signing up you provide accurate and truthful personal information and keep up it to date.
    4. You must not share violent content, hate speech and other content denigrating honor and dignity of third parties.
    5. You must not share content violating the law.
    6. Adding content to the site you confirm that you have the right to share it.
  2. We provide access to the platform Emotional Rating (limited license with no sublicense) for personal non-commercial use. It is forbidden to:
    1. Resale and exploit the Service and content of the Service commercially.
    2. Collect and use any messages.
    3. Change content of the Service, use changed version or or any part of the Service.
    4. Use robots and other automatic data acquisition methods.
    5. Download any fragment of the Service except for page caching, download content and any data it includes except for cases when it is evidently permitted.

All content of Emotional Rating is placed by:

  1. TMDb’s users who accept Privacy Policy of TMDb https://www.themoviedb.org/privacy-policy. Emotional Rating uploads TMDb users’ content through API TMDb. Movies info including names of actors, directors and studies, synopsen, release dates, trailers, posters and other content can be uploaded through TMDb. Emotional Rating is not certificate partner of TMDb.
  2. Emotional Rating users who accepted this agreement and signed up, and are provided to give emotional rates to movies.

All graphics, web-design, logo, emotional rates, software, other documents and user agreement are the property of Emotional Rating inc.

User content and content of third parties

  1. Content of third parties. Emotional Rating and users of the Service may provide external content and links to web pages and content of third parties. You agree to that the Service have no responsibility for content of third parties. You use this content at your own risk.
  2. User content. The Service allows to create, share and save user content. You are fully responsible for user content you share, including for its owners and for use the Service.
  3. Responsibility for content. As online service provider, Emotional Rating bears no responsibility for user content, content of third parties and any other content shared by its users on public forums, personal pages of other online sources. You guarantee that:
    1. You have the right to share your user content on Emotional Rating.
    2. User content is accurate and not abusive (using wrongly or improperly).
    3. Use and share of user content do not violate terms & conditions of the agreement, do not violate third parties’ rights, and do not cause damage to individuals or corporations.

User rights

  1. You must not:
    1. Transfer your rights and obligations of the agreement to a third party without our consent.
    2. Represent falsely yourself to be another person or provide inaccurate personal information. You have no obligation to declare your identity, but you must provide accurate and updated information, including registration information. You have no right to represent falsely yourself to be another person and create accounts for third parties without their permission.
    3. Take illegal, abusive and fraudulent actions and other unauthorized operations.
    4. Violate the terms & conditions and privacy policy, and help other users to violate, and encourage violence from other users.
    5. Use a domain name or URL in user name without our advance written permission.
    6. Upload viruses or corruptive code or take actions which may lead to shutdown, disfunction, interface damage or overload.
    7. Create more than one account.
    8. Intentionally give rates which do not match your opinion.
    9. Take a charge for giving emotional rates by third parties.
  2. You confirm that you agree to that:
    1. Author’s rights to emotion rates given by user in the Service reserved by that user.
    2. By giving rates to movies on Emotional Rating user automatically transfers exclusive right to use his / her rates at no charge.
    3. The Service has the right to use users’ rates in its sole discretion.
    4. The Service has the right to communicate users’ rates on any external resources, sites, programs, including videos, movie descriptions in its sole discretion.
    5. Emotional Rating automatically processes trailers added by users in order to create a short visualizer programmatically for informational purposes and recension. Such visualizer is released and stored on Emotional Rating servers without prejudice to the copyrights for trailer reserved by the author.

Rights of the Service

  1. The Service has the right to transfer its rights and obligations to other parties. For example, in case of change of owner (merger, acquisition or assets divestiture) or another decision of Emotional Rating.
  2. We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.
  3. We honor your reviews, but we have the right to use them with no commitment and not to keep confidential.
  4. We do not control and do not bear responsibility for behavior of users online and offline and for content including illegal and controversial. We do not bear responsibility for services and functions offered by other users and companies even if you have an access to them through Emotional Rating.
  5. In case of emergency in the Service we are unable to predict all possible consequences. We agree to that we do not have responsibility for missed profit or proceeds, lost information or data, consequential loss and damage, penalties arised out of the agreement or in connection with, even if we are informed of probability of occurrence. This term applies also to deleting your content, information or account.

We also reserve the following additional rights:

  1. We are permitted to use our trademarks and intellectual property only in the case of our advance written permission.
  2. We have the right to delete any content or information shared on Emotional Rating if we deem it abusive or if it is in Law. We have the right to deny access to Emotional Rating wholly or partly, temporarily or permanently if you pose risk or adverse legal consequences to us or if you violate the agreement or our other terms. In the case of disabling your account we inform you at our discretion.
  3. Any hate speech is not permitted. Hate speech means online trolling caused by race, ethnos, religion, sexual identity, caste, sex or gender, diseases or disabilities. Online trolling means aggressive and dehumanizing speech. We reserve the right to deny access to Emotional rating for hate speech.

Exclusion of liability

Emotional Rating is provided with no guarantees or conditions. We cannot guarantee results from using the Service. You agree to that you use the Service at your own risk. We cannot guarantee accuracy and exhaustiveness of content of the Service or content of other associated site.

  1. We do not bear responsibility for:
    1. Mistakes and incorrectness related to user content and rates.
    2. Damage of any degree to individuals and corporations.
    3. Any illegal or unauthorized access to your account or using of our server.
  2. You agree to that:
    1. Emotional Rating do not have responsibility for damage related to use or loss of use of Emotional Rating, including reputational setback, closing of business, missed profit, data loss, computer breakdown or network failure.
    2. Emotional Rating do not guarantee and do not submit claims against quality of goods and services advertised on Emotional Rating.

Contact information:

If you have questions or need any additional information please feel free to e-mail us: support@emotionalrating.com