Regulations on emotional rates use

These Regulations set forth use of rates to movies on Emotional Rating. Emotional Rating is a system of emotional rates to movies. Violation of Emotional Rating use regulations is liable to legal prosecution.



Emotional rating is rating composed of average weighted scores that Emotional Rating users give to movies.

Emotional rate is a rate given by Emotional Rating user to particular movie and based on user’s subjective experiences.

Overall rate is a rate to particular movie composed of all user rates to this movie.


General terms

  1. Rating of movies composed of emotional rates and overall rates and the system of emotional rates as well are subject matter of copyright of Emotional Rating. That is why copying or referencing to Emotional Rating content is permitted subject to the availability of link to the site EmotionalRating.сom.
  2. Exclusive copyright rights to average weighted rates are reserved by Emotional Rating.
  3. Average weighted rates to movies are output of joint intellectual operations of Emotional Rating users.



Posting emotional rating of a particular movie on external platforms, sites, other web sources in videos, text messages, comments to photos, etc. you must add active web link to this movie page placed on In the absence of web link you violate these Regulations and Emotional Rating copyright rights.

It is forbidden to:

  • Modify design of Emotional Rating;
  • Post emotional rating of movie without note «Emotional Rating»;
  • Rename or translate emotional rates to other languages.


In addition

  1. Emotional Rating has a possibility to post emotional rates only under defined terms. Emotional Rating reserves the right to amend regulations on emotional rating posting in its sole discretion.
  2. Current regulations on emotional rates use are placed here
  3. You have a right to post emotional rates without written permission of Emotional Rating in compliance with Regulations. Emotional Rating reserves the right to forbid emotional rates posting without disclosing the reason.