About project

What for

We all love cinema. But sometimes to choose a movie for tonight is not as easy as it sounds.

We have to surf movie sites to see how many stars a particular movie got. Let’s say, two absolutely different movies are rated at 7 stars. But there’s no guarantee that we’ll like both.

That’s why we try to choose following on what we feel right now. We want to know what emotions a movie induces. Whether it equals the hopes, or we are going to waste our time.

So we have arrived at an idea of making international emotional rating of movies.

The idea is that the same movie is rated by as much as possible users in reliance on their emotions from seeing this movie. Basing on these data we develop service that helps everyone to select movies to different moods quickly.

Everyone can take part

At the start our team gave some thousands rates to movies we watched, then invited friends to give some thousands more. Next we engaged crowdsourcing platform to get much more rates.

As a result we got nearly 100 000 emotional rates and made emotional rating for 1 712 movies. But that’s not enough. What about the rest millions of movies?

Without your participation we can’t cope with. When each of you would rate movies you watched we could create international emotional rating together.

The more emotional rates you give the more movies have emotional rating. It will be helpful for millions of people - at first thanks to you.

Why to give emotional rates

We all feel in different ways and experience different emotions. One finds something funny, for another it’s not acceptable. One gets sad from the movie The Intouchables, another receives inspiration.

Give more emotional rates so that recommender system know better what movie to recommend you for tonight.

How emotional rating is calculated

You are given 16 criteria to rate on a scale from 1 to 10. For example, “funny” at 1 means that movie is really not funny, and “funny” at 10 means that movie is very funny.

As a rule, users rate only 3-5 criteria distinctive in a movie and other criteria will automatically get 1 point. Let’s say you rate a movie at 8 points as “funny”, at 7 as “inspiring”, at 6 as “kind”. For the algorithm it means that the rest criteria are not expressed in that movie. Or expressed so insignificant that you’ve decided not to rate them.

After a particular movie gets at least 40 rates emotional rating is calculated for it. Other users can see emotional rates of this movie.

For every movie you will see 3 distinctive criteria in search results of the site. When you click to see description rates of other criteria will be shown. So you will understand what emotions to expect and whether the movie is worth watching according to your mood right now.

Overall rating

We mention this at the end because such method of rating is usual for all us. In fact it shows how great a movie generally. When you rate some movie on a scale from 1 to 10 it means that you like this movie.

Number of stars we calculate basing on our users’ rates and rates from popular movie rating sites. Such average weighted metric shows more exactly how much this movie is cool.

Thank you for your interest. Stay with us! Let’s start rating movies right now!

Sasha Alimov, founder of Emotional Rating